Frontier provides media services & petro news to the upstream industry, aimed at keeping you plugged in, every day.

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PetroNews is a daily news service for the oil and gas industry featuring a round-up of Africa Petroleum and World Upstream news selected from the best industry sources. It is sent to over 3,500 key senior oil and gas executives daily around the world. It is a leading platform for disseminating the industry's leading stories, featuring 3,000 plus breaking oil and gas news stories on Africa alone and 6,000 worldwide stories annually.

PetroNews reaches directly to decision-makers and leading players in the world upstream sector with one segment for Africa Petroleum News and another for World Petroleum News. Within PetroNews we offer exclusive advertising opportunities for companies that want to promote themselves to this select audience.

The fee for receiving PetroNews is payable in advance at £100 + UK VAT per annum where applicable. Terms & conditions apply.

This service includes:

  • Daily PetroNews bulletins into your inbox

  • Monday to Friday

  • Excluding UK public holidays

  • One email address may be supplied per subscription

  • Right of provision reserved

Advertise on petronews

We are able to promote your Deals, Acreage, distribute News Releases and advertise your Products and Services to our exclusive PetroNews audience.

Advertising Specifications - Advertiser to send advertisement artwork in GIF, Animated GIF or JPEG format at least 5 days before the scheduled campaign. For an extra 25% on advertised rates, adverts can be dynamic and changed monthly. Adverts can be designed by Frontier, price on request. Artwork to be sent to

Frontier Daily News Bulletin

Frontier Daily News Bulletin is a daily news service for the oil and gas industry that results in daily email alerts to the inboxes of your staff. This can be tailored to search for your corporate news coverage and those of your peers and competitors, or both.

Our clients find this extremely useful as it saves valuable time, as it captures your news in the upstream and global media with pre-selected keywords and delivers the news to you in an easy to digest email.