our global events are at the core of our business. our suite is high level and delivers top level networking and deal making for our clients.

2019 Event Schedule

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22 - 23 May 2019
Day 1 & 2 Africa E&P Summit & Exhibition: £1,995 + VAT
Dinner Ticket: £295 + VAT
Corporate Dinner Table of 8: £2,124 + VAT

IET London: Savoy place, London map

The Africa E&P Summit & Exhibition 2019 aims to bring you the best of Africa’s oil & gas in the heart of London. Serving as a platform for your upstream connections into Africa, attend this event to connect with and get the edge on Africa’s oil & gas exploration horizon.


19 September 2019
£995 + VAT

IET London: Savoy place, London

Diversity in Energy was created to provide a platform to promote and discuss diversity, knowledge and opportunity in energy. It will offer participants the opportunity to hear from leading thinkers and experts in the field and an opportunity to network and share their experiences with industry peers.

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19 September 2019
£150 + VAT

IET London: Savoy place, London

The Frontier VIP Reception hosted by the Africa Petroleum Club brings together Africa's key senior executives at the IET: Savoy Place, a prestigious and iconic venue for a night of top-level networking. Don't miss this opportunity to meet with Africa's key players for a great social evening in London.

Under our World Upstream Clubs & Networks banner we deliver high level c-suite networks for oil & gas executives.

Our Clubs act to connect corporate and state players, to facilitate critical industry interests and deal flow in the global upstream.

By providing unique global networking forums and allied social programs for companies, governments and national oil companies within the worldwide industry and across the value chain, our World Upstream Clubs & Networks play a critical role of facilitation for the industry.

World Upstream Clubs & Networks:

Global Petroleum Club
Africa Petroleum Club
Maghreb Petroleum Club
Arabian Petroleum Club
North American Petroleum Club
Europa Petroleum Club
Sub-Saharan Africa Petroleum Exploration Society (SAPEX)
Global Women Petroleum & Energy Club

Our clients and corporate relationships, including accredited and affiliated organisations, as designated Members of our Clubs, may distribute their breaking news, announcements and press releases through this portal to engage with the press, media and public relations industry worldwide. Our Clubs are private groups, by Invitation only, or on request, with Right of Admission reserved by Frontier.

Get in touch with us to find out more about our World Upstream Clubs & Networks.

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Frontier provides media services & petro news to the upstream industry, aimed at keeping you plugged in, every day.

Subscribe to PetroNews, a daily service for the world upstream industry


PetroNews is a daily news service for the oil and gas industry featuring a round-up of Africa Petroleum and World Upstream news selected from the best industry sources. It is sent to over 3,500 key senior oil and gas executives daily around the world. It is a leading platform for disseminating the industry's leading stories, featuring 3,000 plus breaking oil and gas news stories on Africa alone and 6,000 worldwide stories annually.

PetroNews reaches directly to decision-makers and leading players in the world upstream sector with one segment for Africa Petroleum News and another for World Petroleum News. Within PetroNews we offer exclusive advertising opportunities for companies that want to promote themselves to this select audience.

The fee for receiving PetroNews is payable in advance at £100 + UK VAT per annum where applicable. Terms & conditions apply.

This service includes:

  • Daily PetroNews bulletins into your inbox

  • Monday to Friday

  • Excluding UK public holidays

  • One email address may be supplied per subscription

  • Right of provision reserved

Advertise on petronews

We are able to promote your Deals, Acreage, distribute News Releases and advertise your Products and Services to our exclusive PetroNews audience.

Advertising Specifications - Advertiser to send advertisement artwork in GIF, Animated GIF or JPEG format at least 5 days before the scheduled campaign. For an extra 25% on advertised rates, adverts can be dynamic and changed monthly. Adverts can be designed by Frontier, price on request. Artwork to be sent to info@frontier-communications.com.

Frontier Daily News Bulletin

Frontier Daily News Bulletin is a daily news service for the oil and gas industry that results in daily email alerts to the inboxes of your staff. This can be tailored to search for your corporate news coverage and those of your peers and competitors, or both.

Our clients find this extremely useful as it saves valuable time, as it captures your news in the upstream and global media with pre-selected keywords and delivers the news to you in an easy to digest email.

frontier delivers all the elements required for successful licensing promotion.


We offer a promotional platform offshore and onshore licensing rounds under the banner of our International Licensing Association utilising our extensive contact list and experience at delivering world class events.

We are able to offer bespoke events designed to promote offshore and onshore exploration and investment opportunities where licencing agencies and governments can meet industry players, inform the industry on exploration activities, announce licencing rounds and promote acreage. We are able to work in partnership with your technology partners to promote their data packages and projects.

Get in touch with us to find out more about our Licensing Promotion.

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Frontier has experience, knowledge and expertise in the oil, gas & energy.

We offer these Public Relations & Marketing Services for companies active in oil & gas.

Corporate Communications

We manage and orchestrate all internal and external communications to create a favourable point-of-view of your company to your audiences.  Includes Logos/ Branding/ Corporate Presentations/ Corporate Profiles/ Marketing Documents/ Maps.

Public Relations

We manage the flow of information between your company and the market and raise your profile by engaging the media on your behalf. Includes News Releases/ Media/ Press/ Editorials/ Copy Writing/ Extensive Industry and Financial Media Contacts.

Investor Relations

We manage the strategic investor relations responsibilities; integrating finance, communications, marketing and compliance with securities law. Includes Annual Reports/ Sustainability Reports/ Investor Roadshows/ Investor Presentations.


We create a high quality digital image for our clients across web and social media and ensure that they are updated regularly. Includes Video/ Websites/ Digital Marketing Platforms/ Social Media/ Email Blasts.

Image & Branding

We create a consistent ‘look-and-feel’ for your business across different mediums, ensuring a professional corporate image. Includes Communications Policy & Planning/ Advertising/ Brochures/ Exhibitions/ Photography.


We are able to work with your in-house teams in an advisory or consulting capacity, providing direction on your marketing, public relations and communications requirements. Includes Advisory/ Consulting.

Get in touch with us to find out more about the Public Relations & Marketing Services we offer.

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Our reach and influence are made possible by our extensive networks and connections.

Sponsorship and advertising provides a platform for you to promote your company to our audiences.

For each of our Global Events we attract high-level sponsors who benefit from the platform we provide, enabling them to promote themselves to our exclusive audience. Our Sponsors also have the opportunity to participate as speakers or moderators on our Global Event Programs and benefit from the heightened profile that they receive direct into the industry.

On our PetroNews service we are able to promote and advertise companies and news direct to a large audience daily. PetroNews reaches straight into the inboxes of the most senior oil & gas executives and provides a powerful marketing platform into the upstream oil & gas sector.

Get in touch with us to find out more about Sponsorship & Advertising opportunities available on our platforms.

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