Frontier offers six Public Relations & Marketing services to our clients, delivered with deep knowledge and expertise in the oil, gas & energy sector.

Corporate Communications

We manage and orchestrate all internal and external communications to create a favourable point-of-view of your company to your audiences.  Includes Logos/ Branding/ Corporate Presentations/ Corporate Profiles/ Marketing Documents/ Maps.

Public Relations

We manage the flow of information between your company and the market and raise your profile by engaging the media on your behalf. Includes News Releases/ Media/ Press/ Editorials/ Copywriting/ Extensive Industry and Financial Media Contacts.

Investor Relations

We manage the strategic investor relations responsibilities; integrating finance, communications, marketing and compliance with securities law. Includes Annual Reports/ Sustainability Reports/ Investor Roadshows/ Investor Presentations.

Digital Marketing

We create a high quality digital image for our clients across web and social media and ensure that they are updated regularly. Includes Websites/ Digital Marketing Platforms/ Social Media/ Email Blasts.

Image & Branding

We create a consistent ‘look-and-feel’ for your business across different mediums, ensuring a professional corporate image. Includes Communications Policy & Planning/ Advertising/ Brochures/ Exhibitions/ Photography.


We are able to work with your in-house teams in an advisory or consulting capacity, providing direction on your marketing, public relations and communications requirements. Includes Advisory/ Consulting.

We are happy to talk through any potential project or requirement with you, so get in touch and share with us what you would like to achieve.