Under our World Upstream Clubs & Networks banner we deliver high level c-suite networks for oil & gas executives.

Our Clubs act to connect corporate and state players, to facilitate critical industry interests and deal flow in the global upstream.

By providing unique global networking forums and allied social programs for companies, governments and national oil companies within the worldwide industry and across the value chain, our World Upstream Clubs & Networks play a critical role of facilitation for the industry.

World Upstream Clubs & Networks:

Global Petroleum Club
Africa Petroleum Club
Maghreb Petroleum Club
Arabian Petroleum Club
North American Petroleum Club
Europa Petroleum Club
Sub-Saharan Africa Petroleum Exploration Society (SAPEX)
Global Women Petroleum & Energy Club

Our clients and corporate relationships, including accredited and affiliated organisations, as designated Members of our Clubs, may distribute their breaking news, announcements and press releases through this portal to engage with the press, media and public relations industry worldwide. Our Clubs are private groups, by Invitation only, or on request, with Right of Admission reserved by Frontier.

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